Lomography Awards: Instant: Things Organized Neatly

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Things Organized Neatly

Cleaning can be a chore so why not have fun while you're at it? Take on this little challenge and add joy to those tedious spring cleaning!

Spring calls for decluttering homes and chasing off those dust bunnies. If you're a certified hoarder and have tons of knickknacks laying around, try arranging them in an interesting pattern for a refreshing change. Line up books by colors, exhibit used film canisters by label, or pile up clothes by texture. Just don't forget to snap a photograph of those neatly (and creatively) sorted shelves with your favorite instant camera before they start getting messy again!

Each participant may submit up to 10 instant photographs. This competition serves as the qualifying round for the Now or Never category.

Photo by seaspoke

The Winners

Congratulations to: ilovefrenchfries, kleeblatt, nomaxno, prntmkrap, johbeil, notches, dupdupdee, aurtyl, jeanne_d_arctique, lafilledeer & kleeblatt.