Lomography Awards: Urban Explorers: Forbidden Places

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Forbidden Places

With your camera, document the enduring appeal of seemingly forgotten and often off-limit places.

There's something about abandoned and restricted areas that captures that curiosity of urban explorers and photographers alike. For this challenge, we want you to explore these locations and take a snap of their peculiar charm. Just a fair warning though: Always be mindful and respectful wherever your escapades will take you! Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • For Thrill-seekers: Take advantage of unique vantage points and head to where people don't normally stumble. Take in the views on inaccessible rooftops or even around underground tunnels.
  • Nobody's Home: Deserted buildings and sites may have long been neglected but these carry important stories that still affect future generations. Uncover the history of these desolate spots through your photographs.

Each participant may submit up to 10 photographs. Five winners will get a voucher worth 50 EUR/USD for our Online Shop. This competition serves as the qualifying round for the Urban Explorers category of our TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2019.

Photo by gocchin.

The Winners

Congratulations to: damianhovhannisyan, helenaether, asands, zmijowka & jazztrio2014.